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Convertible car seats: Should you purchase or not?

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You always want to protect your baby from any difficulties, even during their early road trips. To ensure safety, you would want to buy the best car seat for them. Considering the crucial role a car seat plays in the safety of your child, you should always give yourself plenty of time to research and think over which car seat to buy. It might seem a little overwhelming with a wide range of options available.

One of the most important questions that you might come across during your research is whether you should purchase an infant seat or a convertible car seat. Look, each has its own benefits that you should understand.

Baby girl in a car seat with mom

Let’s talk about the convertible car seats and why do many parents give it more preference. But, you need to first understand what a convertible car seat is.

Convertible car seat

As per its name, a convertible car seat offers two modes of use:

First is the rear-facing to comfortably and safely accommodate newborns and toddlers. Second is forward-facing for a child of appropriate height and weight. These seats feature multiple recline and headrest settings in both settings to ensure comfort and security of your baby. You can keep using the seat until your child doesn’t need an additional seat or can use the regular car seat safely.  

A convertible car seat seems a perfect choice if you are looking out for an option that will last for years. The convertible feature allows you to covert the seat from rear-facing to forward-facing, which means you can use the same model from the day your baby is born until she is a few years old (and requires a booster seat).

Child seats come with certain weight and height limits, which are featured in convertible seats smartly. You can install the seat rear-facing first and then convert it to forward-facing position to utilize the varying height and weight ranges that convertible seats provide.  

Also, when it comes to weight and height limits for rear-facing setting, convertible car seat offer greater range than any typical infant car seat.

convertible car seat

Characteristics to look for in a convertible car seat

While you are always bombarded with the best brand, best offers, and so many things, there are a few things that should grab your attention.

Side impact protection

As you want the best protection for your child through her car seat, take note of the side impact protection system. This system is intended to determine additional head and neck protection. It comes through an adjustable headrest featuring extra padding. That being said, different brands have different modifications. Usually side impact protection is for both sides of the head, there is also a variant that will ensure protection of the head from the front of the face.  

Adjustable headrest

This is essential in a convertible car seat because the seat is designed to grow with your child. Look any convertible car seat on the market and you will notice a headrest with a harness system to allow easy adjustment to accommodate the growing child.


It is same like using the seat in both ways: rear-facing and forward-facing positions. Obviously, if a car seat can’t be converted to a different position, it is not convertible. But remember, it is different from all-in-one car seats that offer three or four different positions. Convertible has just two.

A fit for your vehicle?

Of course, it is. Many people claim that convertible ones are bulkier, but things have changed. Go for a leading brand and they will offer the best convertible car seat in a slim-fit design. For reliable information on the best car seats for your baby, visit The Elite Car Seats – an every parent’s resourceful treasure for their kid’s safety on road.

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