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About Us

The Elite Car Seats website is our labor of love in providing all parents and concerned members of the public the very best information about car seats.

The site has its origins in the founder’s Joanne Stene’s personal research she did as she gave birth to her first daughter. A few years later, Joanne gave birth to another daughter and she was surprised that the research had to be done all over again to find the best car seat for her needs due to changes in the industry, brands, features, and prices.

Joanne spent a lot of time trying to make the right decision for her family and saw that it was anything but easy to get useful information a parent could trust easily and quickly in one place. This convinced her that a resource for car seat buyers needed to exist from a neutral third party and this is how EliteCarSeats.com was born!

We’re glad that you’re here and we strive to bring you the most accurate information about not only car seats, but also the various car seat laws across the US, and other related products that will make your job of looking out for your family’s safety and comfort easy. Thank you for visiting our site and please give us feedback on anything we can do better for your needs.

Meet the Elite Car Seats Team

Joanne Stene
Founder & Author
Joanne is a mother of 2 young girls and a technical writer with over 20 years of professional experience. She originally got interested in the topic of car seats as her two daughters were born and during the course of research into which seats to buy for her family. That interest has turned into a passion of sharing information on the Elite Car Seats website.
Renee Whitmore
Renee is an American college professor and freelance writer from North Carolina. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s Degree in English Education. When she is not driving her teenage son to wrestling practice or learning the ins and outs of Fortnite from her younger son, she is working on her first book to be published soon.
Daryl Bright
Marketing & Support Manager
Daryl is our resident website guru, marketing guy, and support manager. He has a growing family of a 4 year old boy and a 7 year old girl that keep him on his toes. Daryl supports our users on this website, helps with technology in the background, and also works directly with our car seat manufacturers to get new products for us to evaluate.