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The Best Baby Car Seat Mirror Reviews

Renee Whitmore
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by Renee Whitmore

Experts recommend keeping your baby in a rear-facing car seat for at least the first year of his or her life. However, an issue with this is that you cannot see your baby from your rear-view mirror, which causes anxiety for parents. A parent who is continually turning around to check on the child is risking safety.

The solution?

A baby car seat mirror that attaches to the car seat or your rear-view mirror, so it reflects in your direction, and your little one is always in your sight. A quick search may overwhelm you—there are so many baby car seat mirrors out there, and how do you know which ones are the best?

No worries! We have studied and researched the best baby car seat mirrors out there, and we are here to show you what we found:

The Best Baby Car Seat Mirrors
  • Convex-shaped surface
  • Stable 360 degrees rotating ball joint
  • Convex shatter-proof acrylic mirror
  • Pivots into any position
  • Curved and attaches over your rear-view mirror
  • 180 degrees view
  • Adjustable extra-large convex mirror
  • Clear sight mirror
  • Wide-angle convex mirror
  • 360 degrees pivot
  • Non-distorted convex mirror
  • Rotates and pivots for a clear view

Always In Sight – The Best Baby Car Seat Mirrors

Our #1 pick is the COZY GREENS Baby Car Mirror because of its convex-shaped surface that offers a crystal-clear view of the child, its updated stable 360 degrees rotating ball joint that allows you to angle the mirror, the durability, and finally, the easy 30-second installation.

Its minimalist design appeals to many, and this mirror enables your child to see you too, adding extra comfort and security to long car rides.

Let’s take a closer look at the COZY GREENS Baby Car Mirror.

  • Item weight—1 pound
  • Dimensions—9 x 8 x 3.2 inches
  • Fully adjustable extra-large convex mirror
  • Lifetime factory warranty
  • Engineered from the strongest crash materials
  • Shatter-proof mirror surface
  • Super secure strap system
  • Zero Assembly required
  • Comes with an eBook on traveling tips with children
  • Comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth

Compatible with adjustable headrests , this mirror is large and fully adjustable, so the child is always in view.  All you do is swivel it into place, and then it locks.

Cozy Greens backseat mirror has passed 45 MPH crash testing at an official European testing facility, which is stricter than standard USA baby car seat tests. The super secure strap system keeps the mirrors firmly in place.

Many studies have shown that babies have separation anxiety when they can’t see their parents—even from the back seat of a car. The COZYGREENS mirror lets babies see their parents and know they are right there in the front seat. This allows babies to relax and makes the drive more enjoyable.

We couldn’t do this mirror justice if we didn’t mention that for every COZY GREENS mirror purchased, the company donates a significant percentage of the profits to Childs Life Chances for Children.

This American 501c3 charity provides underprivileged children with shelter, food, clothing, and safety. You can not only buy a high-quality mirror, but you can also be helping other children get necessities they need!

If you are not happy with any aspect of the mirror, you can return it for a full refund or a free replacement. One of the best perks is there are no complicated instructions—as advertised this mirror takes 30 seconds to install. To top it off, this mirror comes with a micro cleaning cloth for an easy swipe down whenever needed.

Parents raved about the COZY GREENS Baby Mirror because of all it has to offer—peace of mind being on top of the list.

  • Full warranty
  • Crash tested
  • Minimalist design
  • Allows your child to see you
  • Easy installation
  • Cannot be used on a fixed headrest
  • Vibrations can shift it out of place

Advertised as “Made for Parents, by parents,” SoPeep’s Baby Backseat Mirror made our list because not only is it an extra-large convex shatter-proof acrylic mirror, but it pivots into any position you wish, so your baby is always in crystal clear view AND he can see you too!
  • Item weight—1.37 pounds
  • Dimensions— 5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Fully adjustable extra-large shatter-proof convex mirror
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • Engineered from the strongest and safest materials
  • Zero Assembly required
  • Baby to driver viewing

We love SoPeep’s Baby Backseat mirror because of its unobstructed view of the child and durability. It is tightly mounted on a plastic casing, and it won’t wiggle or slide if your child touches it or if you drive over a bump. The two-strap system keeps it secure with a crisscross over your backseat’s headrest.

This mirror is designed with an extra-large convex shatterproof acrylic mirror with a full-range pivot, so that you can position it perfectly every time. The crystal-clear image lets you see your baby at all moments, keeping your drives distraction-free.

SoPeep also includes a bonus book when you purchase their mirror; it includes baby’s first foods along with twenty nutritious recipes! (Who doesn’t love free stuff?)

  • Full warranty
  • Shatter-proof acrylic glass
  • Pivots to any angle
  • Allows your child to see you
  • Simple installation
  • Cannot be used on a fixed headrest
  • Straps prone to ripping

The Pikibu Baby Car Mirror made our list because it is hands down the best full view mirror.

We love this unique mirror because of all it has to offer, but especially because parents can see all of their children plus the interior of their car.
  • Item Weight—7.4 ounces
  • Dimensions—0.5 x 10.5 x 3.8 inches
  • Attaches over your rear-view mirror
  • Wide and curved mirror with 180 degrees view
  • Children can see you through this mirror
  • Easy installation

The best perk of the Pikibu baby mirror is that parents can see it all. I mean, with a name like Pikibu, how can you go wrong?  

This mirror is simple to install—all you do is attach it over your car’s rear-view mirror, and you won’t have to turn around to see your kids in the backseat ever again. The high-quality spring connectors keep the mirror secure, even if you’re traveling on bumpy roads.

The most significant feature we love about the Pikibu baby mirror is the sight range it provides. It gives you a complete view of your car from one side to the other. It also allows a view of some of the blind spots, which provides parents complete peace of mind.

This mirror is excellent for all parents, but especially ones with multiple kids.

  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Gives a clear, 180 degrees view of everyone in the backseat
  • High-quality spring connectors keeping it secure
  • Wide and curved
  • Ideal for moms with multiple kids
  • The plastic frame may distort on hot days
  • You will need an additional mirror for rear-facing car seats

The Munchkin Brica Firefly Baby in-Sight Car Mirror made our list because not only does it allow you to have a clear view of your baby, but it features lights and music to keep your baby occupied and entertained while you drive.

Babies love this mirror!
  • Item Weight—1.65 pounds
  • Dimensions— 14 x 2.5 x 12.5 inches
  • 3 AA batteries required (included)
  • Crash-tested, clear-sight mirror
  • Captivating LED lights behind the mirror to entertain
  • Eight custom kid-friendly songs
  • Multiple mounting options securely fit most vehicles
  • Remote lets you control the music, lights, and volume from the driver’s seat

The Brica Firefly Baby In-Sight Mirror is so much fun as you keep your baby content with the entertaining mode while you travel. Eight custom songs are featured with this mirror.

You can also switch to the “soothing mode” which plays relaxing music as the lights softly twinkle. The auto shut-off conserves battery life, so that you won’t be changing the batteries all the time. Parents who used this mirror frequently made the comments that it is a “sanity saver.”

Crash-tested and easy to install, this mirror comes with multiple mounting options, so it is compatible with most vehicles. The Munchkin Brica Firefly Baby Mirror not only gives you peace of mind, but it gives your baby hours of entertainment and relaxation.

  • Child-friendly
  • Volume control
  • Soothing lights
  • Crash tested
  • Clear-Sight mirror for distortion-free image
  • Lights cannot turn on without music
  • Not for cars with fixed headrests
  • May be distracting to the driver
  • Mirror is smaller than some of the others

We love the GroCreations Baby Car Sear Mirror for those who prefer a larger mirror. At 10.2 inches, this car seat mirror features a 360-angle pivot, so parents can see their child from all angles.

It even comes with a “Baby-on-board” sign for your car!
  • Item weight—1.19 pounds
  • Dimension— 11.5 x 3 x 7.5 inches
  • Wide-angle convex mirror
  • Shatter-proof and distortion-free
  • Easy installation
  • Fully adjustable and compatible with most vehicles
  • Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
  • Includes a “Baby-On-Board” sign for your vehicle’s rear windshield

The baby car mirror by GoCreations is all you need in a car seat mirror. Held to the headrest of the backseat by two nylon straps, this mirror will not budge out of place and is shatter-proof in a car accident. You can also pivot and tilt it 360 degrees for a perfect view of your baby every time.

We also need to mention that even though this is a larger mirror, it is light-weight at just over a pound. It installs in seconds, and you will be on the road in no time! GoCreations also comes with a freebie—a yellow “Baby-On-Board” sign for your vehicle’s window!

This mirror is great for those who prefer a larger mirror, but it’s not cumbersome or bulky—it’s still lightweight!

  • Pivots to any angle
  • Shatter-proof safety glass
  • Crash tested to European safety standards
  • 30 seconds installation
  • Comes with “Baby on Board” sign
  • Lower quality straps
  • Not compatible with fixed headrests

The Ideapro Backseat Mirror made our list because it is the best mirror for those who want a smaller mirror, but don’t want to sacrifice quality features.
  • Item weight—56 ounces
  • Dimension— 9″ x 3.93″
  • Clear, non-distorted convex mirror
  • Strong suction to keep the mirror in place
  • Installs on a windshield or sun visor
  • Rotates and pivots for a clear view
  • Connected to headrest mount separately
  • Easy to install

If you are looking for a smaller mirror, the Idealpro Baby Mirror is just what you need. Don’t let its size fool you though; it may be smaller, but you will still have a perfect wide view of your little one.

Unlike most models that come with straps that attach to the backseat, the Ideapro features a suction cup that attaches to the front window or the sun visor. This also makes this mirror a good choice for those who do not have a backseat headrest.

  • Strong suction
  • Nice wide view
  • Inexpensive
  • Mirror does not glare at night
  • Easy installation
  • Smaller mirror
  • Suction may lose its grasp eventually

How Should You Choose A Baby Seat Mirror?

When looking for a seat mirror for your baby , you should understand the various features and what they mean, and from that information, you can choose the best one for you and your baby.

Let’s take a look at some of these characteristics:


It is pertinent that you buy a mirror that is large enough to see your child from head to toe. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the mirror has to be a large on; it just has to do with the range.
Also, make sure you decide where the mirror is going to be placed. Some are in the backseats on the headrests, and some are in the front seat attached to the rear-view mirror.


Most baby car mirrors are crash-proof, meaning that they won’t crack or shatter in an accident. For safety reasons, it’s important to make sure yours is. Review the safety standards that the makers of the mirror implemented.

Car Headrests

Most baby mirrors attach to a car’s headrest. You will want to make sure that the backseats in your car have them. Do note that there are fixed headrests and adjustable headrests. Some mirrors do not attach to a fixed head rest, so if you have one, you will need an alternative method of installation.

Curved/Convex Mirror

Not a necessity, but a curved/convex mirror is helpful because it gives you a clearer view of your child. These can be beneficial because they increase the range of viewing.


You want to look for a mirror that secures tightly and safely. If you are driving on bumpy terrain, you won’t wall it to fall off. Your best bet is to look at reviews of the mirror you are considering. Customers like to tell the truth!

Clean, Distortion-Free Mirror

Don’t buy a cheap plastic mirror. They won’t last long, and you will constantly be cleaning it because it will look smudgy and dirty.
Also, make sure that the mirror you buy is distortion-free, meaning that the images will be clear and they won’t look bigger or smaller than they actually are. Some mirrors even come with cleaning cloths, so you can keep yours clear and sparkly!

Final Thoughts 

There you have it! The best baby car mirrors out there. When you are shopping around for which one will be best for you and your family, the biggest deciding factors will be the type of vehicle and headrests you have. Most of these models work best with adjustable headrests, so make sure you check what your car has before you make a decision.

A baby car seat mirror is an essential investment in safety and security. No matter which one you buy, you can have peace of mind knowing that no matter where you travel—whether it’s to the mountains on vacation or to daycare—you won’t have to worry about your little one in the backseat.

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